SCHO119: Scholar Offer Rescind_MHC Admitted off Waitlist

Email Name: SCHO119: Scholar Offer Rescind_MHC Admitted off Waitlist
Send Date/Time: Wednesday, 6/6/2018 – 9/14/2018; 9:00am (Every Weekday)
Audience: Freshmen who received a honors scholarship and were later admitted from the Macaulay Honors College waitlist.
Total: 3

About Your {#Scholarship Name#} Scholarship

About Your {#Scholarship Name#} Scholarship

Hi {#First Name#},

Congratulations on your admission into the Macaulay Honors College. This message confirms that your {#Scholarship Name#} Scholarship was withdrawn upon accepting your admission offer.

Should you have any questions or if you believe you have received this message in error, please contact Brian Buckwald at

I wish you the best in the pursuit of your educational goals.