ADMT231: Macaulay Acceptance Offer_Waitlist_2018

Email Name: ADMT231: Macaulay Acceptance Offer_Waitlist_2018
Send Date/Time: Tuesday, 6/5/2018; 4PM
Audience: Macaulay Honors Scholars who were admitted from the waitlist.
Total: 4

Your decision is here, {#First Name#}

Congratulations, {#First Name#}!

We think you’re brilliant, talented, and driven. We’d love nothing more than to have you around on campus to see the awesome things you can do with some resources and mentoring. You bring a lot to the table, and we’re just crazy about you.

That’s why you’ve been accepted from the waitlist and we’re offering you a highly coveted spot in the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter for the {#Admitted Semester#} semester.

The Macaulay Honors College is a globally competitive honors program for the most talented and academically gifted of New York’s students. It offers the advantages of a small, personal liberal arts college with the world-class faculty and resources of a comprehensive, major urban research university. The College provides exceptional students with transformative opportunities to develop their potential beyond what they ever imagined. Our students and alumni redefine leadership in myriad ways; they are more interested in creating traditions than in merely following them.

This invitation is just a token of our appreciation for all of the hard work you’ve put into becoming the fabulous person you are. We hope it will encourage you to consider making Hunter College your home for the next four years.

Log into your MyChoice page to see the details of your Macaulay Honors College offer. Your login and unique password link can be found below.

Login: {#Login#}
Congratulations again!