SUSP: Suspect #1 (High-Achieving)

Email Name: SUSP: Suspect #1 (High-Achieving)
Send Date/Time: Monday, 5/14/18 – 1/28/2019; 7PM (Every Monday)
Audience: High achieving freshman prospects.
Total: 46,294

You’ve already accomplished a lot…

Hi {#First Name#},

Did you know that Hunter College offers the Macaulay Honors College and six individualized honors programs for high-performing students just like you? Merit scholarships, seminar style classes, and priority housing are just the beginning. We will challenge you in every way to become the most well-rounded and critical thinking version of yourself. Hunter scholars engage with New York City as their classroom and make career connections from the moment they arrive on campus.

Interested? Connect with us and learn more about why Hunter might be a great fit for you.