SCHO117: Honors Scholarship Offer has been Rescinded

Email Name: SCHO117: Honors Scholarship Offer has been Rescinded
Send Date/Time: Monday, 5/14/2018 – 6/1/2018; 5:30PM
Audience: Freshman Honors Scholars who have had their scholarship withdrawn.
Total: 2032

Your Honors Scholarship has been rescinded

Your Scholarship Has Been Rescinded

Dear {#First Name#},

We regret to inform you that as a result of your failure to take the necessary steps to claim your Honors Scholar Offer and/or commit to the college by the May 1st deadline, your scholarship offer has been rescinded. We can no longer offer you this award.

If you believe you are receiving this message in error, please email Brian Buckwald at We wish you the best of luck in your academic endeavors.