ADMT228: General Freshman Rejection_Post Closure

Email Name: ADMT228: General Freshman Rejection_Post Closure
Send Date/Time: Thursday, 5/10/18; 4PM
Audience: Rejection notice for phase 4 freshmen. This is sent to freshman admitted after freshman admission has closed.
Total: 1,005

Your admission decision to Hunter College

About Your Admission to Hunter College

Dear {#First Name#},

I regret to inform you that Hunter College is no longer admitting undergraduate applicants for the {#Application Semester#} semester as we have reached our freshmen enrollment limit. This year, we received over 40,000 undergraduate applications, making admission to Hunter one of the most competitive in the College’s history.

Although it is too late to be admitted to Hunter this fall, opportunities for admission continue to exist at other City University of New York (CUNY) colleges. If you wish to be considered for the spring semester, the application will be available in the early part of the summer. To explore your options within CUNY, please click the link below.

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On behalf of the entire college community, I thank you for your interest in Hunter College.