SUSP: Suspect #1 (Outside of NYC)

Email Name: SUSP: Suspect #1 (Outside of NYC)
Send Date/Time: Monday, 5/14/18 – 1/28/2019; 7PM (Every Monday)
Audience: Freshman suspects outside of the NYC geomarket
Total: 125,819

A real New York City college experience

{#First Name#}, Hello from Hunter College!

We know the college search process can be a bit overwhelming, so we wanted to reach out and introduce ourselves.

Hunter College (part of the City University of New York) is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan just a few blocks from Central Park. Our 16,000 undergraduate students take advantage of over 70 different programs in almost every area you could imagine. The combination of our diverse student body, supportive faculty, affordable tuition and studying in the greatest city in the world will give you a distinct advantage to reach your goals.

We’d love to learn a little more about you. Connect with us and learn why Hunter might be the perfect college for you.

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