ADM – Proof of Residency

Email Name: ADM – Proof of Residency
Send Date/Time: Tuesday, 4/24/18 – 9/15/2020; 5PM (Every weekday)
Audience: Freshman, transfer, and non-degree students who need to provide proof of residency.
Total: 307

Information regarding your tuition rate

Receive the In-State Tuition Rate

Hi {#First Name#},

Although your current address is in NY, your record does not contain sufficient proof that you are entitled to the in-state tuition rate at the College. Therefore you will be charged the out-of-state tuition rate. Please review the CUNY tuition and Fees manual for information regarding residency criteria and tuition rates.

If you believe you qualify for the in-state tuition rate, please complete and submit CUNY’s New York State Residency Form along with all supporting documents via email, mail, or in-person to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Recruitment
Hunter College
Room 203, North Building
New York, NY 10065

If you have any questions, please contact us by replying directly to this email.

CUNY’s New York State Residency Form →