ADM – Acceptance Readmitted Non-Degree (FL18)

Email Name: ADM – Acceptance New Non-Degree (FL18)
Send Date/Time: Wednesday, 4/18/18 – 9/15/2018; 8:00AM (Daily)
Audience: Acceptance notice for non-degree students.
Total: 2

Welcome to Hunter College

Welcome to Hunter College!

Congratulations {#First Name#},

I am pleased to offer you readmission to Hunter College as a visiting (non-degree seeking) student for Fall 2018 semester. We hope you’ll choose to spend your Fall learning with us on the Upper East Side. Registration for the Fall 2018 semester begins Thursday, August 9, 2018.

To learn how to take the next steps and enroll in courses at Hunter, click the link below.

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Congratulations again! We hope to see you on campus this Fall.