ADMT151: Selective Program Waitlist

Email Name: ADMT151: Selective Program Waitlist
Send Date/Time: Thursday, 3/29/2018 – 9/14/2018; 5PM
Audience: Transfer students placed on a selective program waitlist.
Total: 4

About Your Application to Hunter College’s {#Selective Program Curriculum#} Program

About Your Application to Hunter College’s {#Selective Program Curriculum#} Program

Dear {#First Name#},

While your application and supporting credentials show that you meet the minimum requirements for admission to the {#Selective Program Curriculum#}, the College has offered admission to the maximum number of candidates who can be admitted for the {#Application Semester#} semester. For this reason, we have established a wait-list and have selected you as one of the applicants to receive wait-list status.

From the wait-list, candidates are chosen to fill vacancies which may exist when it is apparent how many of the currently accepted students have enrolled.

If you must pay an enrollment deposit at another college, we recommend that you meet that deadline, even though Hunter College may be your preferred college choice. If you are later offered admission from Hunter, you may then consider whether you wish to forfeit that enrollment deposit in order to enroll here.

Please click the button below to indicate whether or not you wish to remain on the wait-list.

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Thank you for your interest in Hunter College’s {#Selective Program Curriculum#} program. I wish you well as you continue your educational endeavors.