SCHO106: Scholar Offer Has Been Updated_ERROR

Email Name: SCHO106: Scholar Offer Has Been Updated_ERROR
Send Date/Time: Friday, 3/22/18; 5PM
Audience: Freshman Honors Scholars who did not have their awards updated.
Total: 2289

We sent you an email in error

Our apologies, we sent you an email in error.

Hi {#First Name#},

We recently sent you our “Scholar Offer has Been Updated” message that we typically send to students who had a change made to their Scholar offer. Please disregard this message, as it was sent to you in error. Rest assured, your seat in the {#Scholarship Name#} Honors Scholar Program has not changed and you do not need to resubmit your signed agreement.

If you would like to review your award letter please log in to your MyChoice page by clicking the link below.

Log into Your MyChoice Page →

You can contact the Scholar Programs Office at (212) 396-6888 or if you have any questions.