SCHO100: Scholar Offer Has Been Updated

Email Name: SCHO100: Scholar Offer Has Been Updated
Send Date/Time: Thursday, 3/22/18 – 9/2/18; 8:30AM
Audience: Honor Scholar Students with updated offers
Total: 2299

We have some news for you, {#First Name#}

We have some news for you, {#First Name#}

Hi {#First Name#},

A change has been made to your Honors Scholar Program offer. We are excited to be able to offer you a seat in the {#Scholarship Name#} Honors Scholar Program! This program includes a scholarship of ${#Scholarship Award Total#} per year. Your award letter and estimated out-of-pocket cost have been updated on your MyChoice page. Please log in to review terms and accept your new offer by clicking the link below.

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You can contact the Scholar Programs Office at (212) 396-6888 or if you have any question