ADMT208: Acceptance General Freshman Defers (FL18)

Email Name: ADMT208: Acceptance General Freshman Defers (FL18)
Send Date/Time: Thursday, 3/1/2018; 4PM
Audience: General freshmen who deferred to the Fall 2018 semester.
Total: 34

You’re in!

This is exciting!

Good to see you again, {#First Name#}!

You deferred your admission to Hunter College in a previous semester and the time has finally come to join us for the {#Admitted Semester#} Semester. We’re excited to invite you to choose Hunter and join our community. Just one in four applicants are accepted to Hunter College. Out of approximately 30,000 students, we chose you. You should definitely be proud!

Your next step is to choose us. To view your official acceptance letter and choose Hunter, log into your MyChoice account today. Your MyChoice login and unique password link are provided below.

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