ADMT204: Acceptance General Transfer_FL18

Email Name: ADMT204: Acceptance General Transfer_FL18
Send Date/Time: Wednesday, 2/28/2018 – 9/14/2018; 8:00am (daily)
Audience: Admitted general transfers for the fall 2018 semester
Total: 316

You’re in

This is exciting!

We are thrilled to offer you admission to Hunter College’s transfer class of {#Admitted Semester#}. Just one in four applicants are accepted to Hunter so you should definitely be proud!

Your next step is to log into your MyChoice account to view your official acceptance letter and commit to Hunter. Your MyChoice login and unique password link are provided below.

To view your official acceptance letter and next steps to enrolling at Hunter, please log-in to your MyChoice page.

Login: {#Login#}

Again, congratulations on your acceptance and I hope to see you on campus soon!


Lori Janowski
Undergraduate Admissions & Recruitment