ADMT211: Acceptance General Freshman_MHC Applicants

Email Name: ADMT211: Acceptance General Freshman_MHC Applicants
Send Date/Time: Tuesday, 2/27/2018; 8AM
Audience: Admitted Freshman, MHC applicants
Total: 3,785

You’re in!

This is exciting!

While you await an admission decision to the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, we are thrilled to you offer you general admission to the freshman Class of 2018. Just one in four applicants are accepted to Hunter College. Out of approximately 31,000 students, we chose you. You should definitely be proud!

On March 15th, you’ll receive an admission decision from the Macaulay Honors College. Until then, we hope you’ll spend some time getting to know Hunter, learning about the many opportunities available at 68th Street, and planning the next stop on your educational journey.

Have you scheduled a campus tour of Hunter? If not, your next step is to come visit us!

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Lori Janowski
Undergraduate Admissions & Recruitment