ADMT206: General Freshman Waitlist

Email Name: ADMT206: General Freshman Waitlist
Send Date/Time: Tuesday, 2/27/18; 8AM
Audience: Freshman applicants
Total: 1,388

We have something to tell you, {#First Name#}

About Your Application to Hunter College

Dear {#First Name#},

This year we received a record number of applications that consisted of one of our most competitive applicant pools to date. After careful review of your application we are unable to offer you admission at this time, but would like to offer you a place on our waitlist for the {#Application Semester#} semester.

We greatly appreciate your interest and recognize all the hard work you have demonstrated in high school. We can assure you that your application will be given thorough consideration should space become available.

We will be sending final admissions decisions starting the week of May 21st. If you have selected another college to attend and wish to be removed from the waitlist, please email us at